an information-centric client for misskey, email+autocrypt, and beyond. maybe a communist hive mind hiding in plain sight. you'll never know!

one love

I don't believe in cops, bosses, or politicians some call that anarchism. I call it Having a fucking heart that beats!
I do believe in freedom and never giving up. Call my methods madness or call it a bluff. I do what I got to to be able to breathe! And If you quit your job well, you can do a little breathing with me
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we aspire to assemble a tesselation of fractal organizations that are capable of collaborating and operating independently as needed. we wish to avoid further subjugation to Ideas, Capital, and the Powers that Be. advanced technology is useful, but also binds us to the capital that it takes to produce it. we seek autonomy through knowledge, not a devotion to a particular practice.
we also believe it is important to embrace pluralism. there are a lot of different ways to tackle the looming challenges before us. we must learn from nature to become robust, diverse, and cooperative. there isn't a single trick to fixing the world, we desperately need to figure out how to mesh a variety of approaches into a holistic alternative. we need to cultivate friendships and communities. we shouldn't stand in anyone's way. again, we wish to break away from the leftist tradition of constantly bickering over everything and try to do some good in the world.
we take special care to document our work. walkaway technology is entirely in the public domain, there are no strings attached. if you have a different idea of what walkaway should mean, please pursue it! settling on a single definition and agreeing on a standardized plan of action is not part of our ethos. we wish to inject massive amounts of chaotic goodness into this world. perhaps this is unsettling, you're welcome to agree or not, but i ask that you please don't try to stop what we are doing. it wouldn't make a difference anyway, the wheel is already turning..
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